A Work In Progress

Philippians 4:13 (NKJV) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

So this past Wednesday my mom came down with the flu. Great, now I am going to have to be careful not to be around her a lot so I don’t get it. Easier said than done right? Especially since I have sick duty, due to the fact that I didn’t have to work the rest of the week. And so the battle of “Fight Off The Flu” began. Dun, Dun, Dun…

Everything was going great so far. Mom was resting and I was spraying the house down with Lysol. And more Lysol and more Lysol and more Lysol. And did I mention more Lysol. I think you can tell by now that I was determined not want to get the flu. No mam, not me.

Thursday morning however is when all the action started. Mom had been resting fine that morning and then she called me for something. So I went to go see what she needed. She wanted me to get the clothes out of the washer and dryer and switch them out. I was thinking you have the flu you don’t need to be laundry. But I went ahead and changed them out. All the while I felt this little bit of an irritation start to creep in. Mom was sleeping again and I went back to whatever it was I was doing. Then She called me again and wanted something else. This time that irritation feeling got a little bit stronger. But I went to go see what she needed anyway. And I honestly don’t even remember what it was she wanted. It seemed like she was calling every five minutes or so. This kept going on all day Thursday and continued on all day Friday. I am ashamed to say it was getting on my nerves a little bit. Who am I kidding, it was getting on my nerves a lot.
Now by this time I was highly irritated and didn’t know why. Better yet I do know why now. It was because my happy was getting bumped into and I didn’t like it one bit. I didn’t like being interrupted when I was trying to do something and that’s what was happening.
Then I started having inside chatter going off inside my head.
“Is this ever going to end?”
“If she calls me one more time I think I might scream.”
“Every time I sit down she calls me for something else.”
“She’s being so needy.”
“I feel like I’m having to take care of five kids all at the same time.”
“Maybe God is trying to show me what it’s going to be like when I have kids one day since he knows I want a big family.”
“Maybe God is trying to prepare me for that in someway.”

Girl, I felt like I was going to rip my hair out by the roots. Then I started feeling guilty for having those thoughts. And the second wave of inside chatter began and I started beating myself up for the previous thoughts I just had.
“You shouldn’t be having thoughts like this about your mother.”
“She is the person who gave birth to you.”
“You should be willing to help her.”
“You shouldn’t have an attitude.”
I felt like there was this big cloud of funk hovering over me and I couldn’t get rid of it.

I think God was trying to teach me a couple of things during this situation. He was trying to teach me to be more patient. I’m not very patient with certain things. He was teaching me to change my perspective. I had a negative perspective on the situation and I needed to make a shift in my thoughts to have a positive perspective on the situation. If I have an attitude of bitterness, I won’t have an attitude of thankfulness. But if I have an attitude of thankfulness that leaves no room for bitterness to take root.

It has taken me two days to finally pay attention to what God was trying to teach me. And I am still having trouble with it. I am on day three of the battle of “Fight Off The Flu” and I am still messing up. But I am more aware of what God is trying to teach me now. I m however, with God’s help, making some imperfect progress.

So I end day three and start day four with this bible verse and one of my favorite quotes.

Philippians 4:13 (NKJV) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”



About alexandrews05

I love JESUS and I love music. I want to live for him each day. He is the reason I'm alive because He laid down His life for me, to SAVE me, and to give me eternal life through Him. I know that God has a great calling on my life and I want to do whatever it takes to be in the center of His will for my life. These blogs are about my everyday life and making my imperfect progress along the way. Matthew 5:8 Romans 12:1-2 Isaiah 61-62 1 Peter 2:9 Jeremiah 29:11 Mark 11:23-24
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2 Responses to A Work In Progress

  1. pkstew2 says:

    God bless you, sweet Alex! It’s hard to take care of others sometimes, isn’t it? But I love your reminder in Phil. 4:13. Great to see you blogging and I hope you’ll join us on Suzie Eller’s Thursday linkup #livefreeThursday. Have a great day, your fellow Compel sis, Kim Stewart

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